Thursday, March 14, 2013

Improve Your Customer Service With A CRM Contact Center

I have been delivering pizza for eighteen years. It takes more than good driving habits to be a pizza delivery man. You have to do so much more than delivery pizzas when you get the job. I thought I was going to wait for a delivery, take it and collect the money. Boy was I wrong. The pizza begins with the crust. We mix the crust up and make it into balls, then we turn the dough balls into different size pizza crusts. We also have to prepare all of the other foods that make the restaurant run. In many of these pizza stores, when the phone rang, we had to stop what we were doing to talk to the customer. That was until our pizza company decided to let another company answer the phone calls for us. They did this through a CRM Contact Center where they take the orders for us and send them directly to our store. You would not believe the time this saves us.

If you ever worked in a pizza store, you know that answering the phones is the most annoying part of the job. People call you and then they do not know what they want. Or they ask another person what they want and interrupt you through the entire order process. By the time you are done talking to them, you are stressed out and think twice before you answer the phone again. We have a bunch of pizza stores and the call center takes care of all of our orders. I don't know how they do it, but they do a good job. We take the orders, make the food and deliver it to the customers. They take care of the problems and we don't have to deal with unruly customers. 

I am glad our owners changed their ways. We used to have horrible phones that were hard to hear. They often buzzed like a bad cell phone. This made our customers unhappy and made us mess up some of the orders. With the call center, we have more time to do our work and much less messed up orders. There is another person on the line that knows what the customer ordered. They customer can no longer call us and tell us we took their order wrong, but we gave the job to an expert in customer service.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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