Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Looking Forward To A Road Trip To San Diego

I always wanted to take a trip to San Diego. I have already been to Los Angeles and Burbank, loved them both. California has always been a dream to me. I think it was all those television shows I used to watch that showed the beaches and made California look intriguing. When I visited, I was not disappointed with the state. My first visit was an eight hour hold over in the airport. The second stay was for a wedding and the third stay was a Christmas vacation. Every time I visited my friend, I asked him to drive me to San Diego. I finally came up with a good idea. My friend likes to invest and I told him he should check out some san diego short sales. This idea made my friend think seriously about a road trip to San Diego. We decided to check everything out online first. We wanted to see what we were getting into and what San Diego really had to offer us.  I like the internet because it is easy to find the information you need when you need it.

My friend and I found a bunch of cool properties in San Diego. They were short sales and were discounted by the bank. This perked the interest of my friend and his wife. I was just waiting for them to take a road trip to San Diego, so I could check out the place. Our plans were smashed the next day because we had a big rain storm. My friend does not like driving in traffic and he likes rain less. The following day, I had to catch my plane and go home. I never made it to San Diego. Maybe I will go the next time we visit our friends.

A couple of months later, my friend calls me and tells me he finally took a trip to San Diego. He actually looked at a couple of houses and he wished I was able to go with him. Two visits and I cannot get him to drive to San Diego. I leave and he not only goes, but checks out a couple of short sales. At first, I was a bit grumpy at my friend. When he told me about the houses, I changed my tune. He wanted me to take another trip to Burbank and go with him on his next visit. He was actually going to make an offer on one of the houses. How can you be grumpy at a friend who pays your way and gives you another chance at a real vacation? I can't wait to check out that house.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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