Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Good Tutor Can Improve Your Life

My friend Doug has been a tutor most of his adult life. He tutors children who have trouble with English. He goes into their homes and tutors them until they are ready to do their work by themselves. He does a great job as a tutor and has nothing but good comments from the parents. He works for a couple of tutoring companies and is looking to connect with more. There are all kinds of tutor companies out there including Valencia tutors. Some tutor companies are better than others and my friend only works with the best. He has a Master's Degree in Education and is really serious about his work. Doug is serious enough about his work to come up with his own business idea.

Doug and I have a big thing in common, we are both married to Filipino women. Doug's wife is from Manila and my wife was born in Cebu. His idea is to teach women in the Philippines who are engaged to American men. The idea is to teach these women correct English. Many Filipino women are taught English in school, but their English is lacking. Doug's idea is to teach them English while they are still in the Philippines, so they have a head start when they come to the United States. This would help them deal better with homesickness and get a job easier. He would use a program that allows him to teach the women in the Philippines, while he is standing here in the US. 

My idea to Doug was to also encourage these women to learn to drive while they are still living in the Philippines. Most Filipino women come the the United States with no driving skills. It can take them years to learn how to drive in our society. If the Filipino women learn both English and driving skills in the Philippines it would be a huge help to them in the Philippines. They could get a job much easier and learn how to drive themselves to work. This would also take a little pressure off their husbands financially and help both members of the marriage to deal with schedules.  Tutoring is important and can really change a child's and even an adult's life for the good.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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