Thursday, March 7, 2013

Use True Data Online For Video Conferencing

A friend and I want to start a new business together. The business is an international business, connected between  the United States and the Philippines. The idea is to teach Filipino’s how to speak correct English. English is the second language in the Philippines, but the people are not taught to speak correctly. We are trying to connect with women who are planning to marry American’s. Many of these women are educated, but they find their English does not match the English they will be dealing with when they move to the United States. We believe if we teach them correct English before they move to the United States, these women will be well ahead of other Filipino women who do not go through our program. This will help them in their future jobs, relating to their husbands and dealing with the world around them. It will also help them from hiding away because they are embarrassed about the way they speak.

Doug and I realized we would have to set up video conferencing if our idea would work. We checked out True Data Online and found out what they offered. We actually believe their system will help us with our business idea. There is much more work to do when we begin this business. We will have to go to the Philippines and train a group of peopl e to help us there. Doug has contacts in Manila and I have contacts in Cebu. We are lucky because some of our contacts are in the education field and are easy to train. We will use video conferencing to keep in touch with the people we put in place in the Philippines. We will also continue to teach them with the same system.

We have had this business idea for years. Technology is catching up with our idea and I believe we will be able to put our ideas into fruition in the near future. Doug has a Master’s Degree in English and he has been using video conferencing to tutor children all over the United States already. It works well and we believe it will work in the Philippines. It is important to have a company behind you that can take care of the technical situations when they arise.  We can’t wait until we are able to take the next step.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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