Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Short Sales And Summer Homes

I love to take vacations and go to other states. I love to check out the neighborhoods and houses. It is fun to check out the different model house, the costs and how the neighborhood looks. I have always wanted to buy a summer home in another state. My sister talked about Kansas City, My brother about North Carolina and I about Las Vegas. I thought it would be cool to own a summer place in Las Vegas. The entire family could go to Las Vegas for a family reunion and check out the sites in the evening. I'm not a gambler, but it would be cool to check out the fun at Las Vegas Casinos. I wouldn't mind taking in a show and trying out one of those famous buffets. I think Las Vegas would be a cool place to own a summer place.

I thought it would be cool to go to Las Vegas and check out short sales. I wanted to see if I could really get a good deal. I felt the best place to go would be a las vegas short sale lawyer. They know what they are doing when it comes to short sales and I believed they would be able to get me a great deal. I was right, I talked to the lawyer and he hooked me up. I was able to check out a few short sales in my price range. The houses were nice and were located in good neighborhoods. I didn't decide (right away) about which house I was interested. I wanted to talk to my wife and see what she thought. I also knew my sister and brother would both have their ideas.

If you want to buy a short sale in Las Vegas, make sure you choose the right lawyer to help you out. There are lawyers and then there are lawyers who are experts in the field. Getting the best deal can have to do with the lawyer you choose to deal with. I believe I chose the right dealer who will get me the deal I want. It took me time to find out who to deal with and now I am ready to go. Good luck with your searches for a summer home where you can build memories with you and your family.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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