Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Help Vets With Your Old Car

Christmas is the time of year to give. I love to give presents and see the smiles on my children's faces. We are a Christian family, so we also celebrate Jesus on Christmas day and throughout the year. Our family is lucky because we have all we need. Christmas is a fun time for us when we spend time with our family and friends. Some people are not as lucky as we are. Their finances are in a mess and they need a little help to get them on the right path. I wondered what effect it would have if I donate my car to charity. What would be done with this car? Vets Vehicle will take your dead car, pick it up for you, and they will recycle that car. The money they make will be used to help vets who served their country and need a helping hand.

What a gift you can give this Christmas. If you have a broken down car in your driveway or yard, this great company can use it to help vets. I bet you didn't realize you had something important you could give that would make a veteran happy on Christmas morning. This is a great charity, you even get money off on your taxes for the donation. This company uses all of the funds they receive from recycling cars to help only vet organizations. If you donate to them, you know your donation will end up where you wanted it to help. There are too many charities that don't give money where they claim they give it. This company actually does give the money to the vets. They also recycle your old vehicle which in turn helps the economy.

Our vets are the ones who gave their time (and often) their lives for their country. Many survive, but they survive with injuries and mental issues caused on the battlefield. We owe our freedom to the many vets that served because they love our country. Now is the time to give back to these vets. This organization gives money to vet organizations that help vets in the ways they need help. They (like you) care about our vets. If I have a car in the future, I will give it to this organization because I know where the funds will end up. Our vets need us and Christmas is a perfect time for us to show them our love and respect for all they do for us.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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