Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bankruptcy Is Not The End, It Can Be A New Beginning

My friend Mike told me he had to go bankrupt. He did not want to, but the choices were few and the bills were many. He needed to find a lawyer he could trust and a lawyer who could get him the best deal possible. I told him there were other options out there, but he said there was no way he could catch up. He had tens of thousands of dollars in credit card bills and he did not even have the money to pay the interest. He decided to make a search for bankruptcy information in california and see if he could find an expert help him with his case. My friend met the lawyers, they asked him a bunch of questions and they took his case. My friend said the lawyers were very helpful and he felt much better about his case. He knew he had to get out of this bad situation because his entire family was suffering for bad decisions he made.

The bankruptcy process took some time, but my friend was happy when it was over. Mike got a great deal and most of his past bills were removed from his record. He was able to keep his house and his car. My friend got a new start in life and promised he would never get in a bad financial again. He cut up all of his credit cards and began a different sort of life with his family. A life where he no longer had to worry about constant phone calls or looking behind his back for another person he owed money.

After a few years, my friend started his own restaurant. The restaurant took off and became the most popular place in our small town. My friend is now a successful businessman who knows how to take care of his money. He only has one credit card and it is for emergencies. He told me he only used it once and he bill is paid up, he didn't even pay any interest. My friend is a great success story. He believes he owes some of his success to the lawyers who stood behind him and helped him deal with his horrible financial problems. Bankruptcy is not the end, it can be a new beginning. If you have the same problem, you may want to make that search for the best bankruptcy attorney in your area.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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