Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Check Out Los Angeles Homes

I have been to Los Angeles two times. The first visit was for a wedding in Burbank. My wife's friend from the Philippines married her sweetheart and we were there to see them tie the knot. The wedding was beautiful and the dinner was delicious. We enjoyed our time in the Los Angeles area. When we reached home in Florida, we talked about buying a Los Angeles Homes. We got as far as were each of us would work and what kind of home we would buy. We never reached our dream to move to California, but we did take another trip back to visit our friends.

It was four years later during Christmas vacation. We were invited to Los Angeles to spend a week with all or our friends. I found out when we got there, the vacation was actually so my wife and her friends from the Philippines could spend some fun time together. The house in Burbank will filled with laughter for the entire week. All four Filipino women enjoyed every minute of the vacation. I took my daughter for long walks around the neighborhood. I looked at all of the different types of houses and checked out the entire neighborhood. We walked to the malls, shopped and tried some of the local restaurants. I really enjoyed our trip to the Los Angeles area.

Our friend finally took us sight seeing. He was busy watching Los Angeles Lakers games, but his wife finally convinced him to take us to the beach. It was an enjoyable ride because we finally saw what Los Angeles was really about. We checked out the beach, enjoyed shopping with rich people in their malls and spent a little time living as real tourists. When the day was over, we began our dreams about moving to Los Angeles once again. We never bought a house in California. It is a dream unfulfilled. We still live in Florida with friends in Los Angeles and Oakland. My wife took a trip to Oakland and San Francisco, but I missed out this time. I still can't wait until we go back for another visit and eventually buy a home in California.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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