Thursday, December 6, 2012

Importance Of The Service Of Process

I had a dealing with service of process over the past two months. I came home from work one evening and there was a summons for me to appear in court. I had no idea what it was all about. My wife told me the server came to the door, had her sign the papers and handed her my copy. I was nervous, but I knew I had to appear in court at the specified time or I would get into trouble. I looked at the date and figured out where the courtroom was going to be. I fixed my schedule to make sure I would appear at the courthouse at the specified time. This was the first time this ever happened to me, so I had no idea it would be a good idea to call the lawyer. They also had a check stapled to the summons to pay for my time.

I showed up at the courthouse at the specified time. I was early and there was nobody else there. I felt strange standing in front of the courthouse while the traffic drove by. Finally, another lady showed up ready for the courthouse to open. The specified time arrived and nobody else showed up. It was a holiday and the courthouse was closed. I decided to call the lawyer's office to make sure I could go home. They apologized for the mix-up, told me I could keep the check and I could go home. They would get in touch with me and show me when to appear. They also told me about the case.

A guy tried to rob me years ago. I threw him to the ground and he ran away. That same night, he robbed a lady and put her into a coma. I was the person who picked the guy out of a group of pictures. They wanted me to go to court to tell them he was dangerous. He was in prison and the insurance company was trying to get out of paying the money they lost in a civil suit. I got another summons a few weeks later and eventually the lawyer called me and told me I would never have to testify. I was happy they won the case without having to go to court. The guy who tried to rob me is still in prison for beating the lady up and putting her in a coma. I don't think she ever recovered. This is one of those important cases where a process server does important work many people never know about.

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