Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mad Mimi Makes Email Marketing Simple

My friend John owns a nice bar in a great part of town. His business is going pretty well, but he still has some lulls where his bar is empty. He has regular customers who show up at their normal times and then he has customers who show up for special occasions. He also has the football crowd on Sunday. His business is prospering, but he wants to take to the next level. He is a little nervous because the guy behind him went out of business recently. The man ran an upper class coffee shop that puttered to a stop a few months back. John wants his business to make it through the hard times we are dealing with in the Tampa area right now.

Somebody told him about a company called Mad Mimi that are experts in something called email marketing. He was told this email marketing would hook him up with people who were interested in his sort of business. John's bar is not just a bar, it is an upper class bar where people come to meet and drink together. He even serves good food that matches his clientele. John believes if other people hear about his business, they will show up and love his place. He is located in a perfect area where some of the local sports stars live and often show up at his bar.

John is not an expert in anything to do with computers. He needed email marketing that was simple and easy enough for everybody to understand. Mad Mimi has this approach and that is why their system works with anybody and any business. They make email marketing simple and easy for all business owners. John cannot wait to try out this email marketing. He wants his business to grow and he wants to started a second and a third bar identical to the bar he owns in Tampa in other cities in Florida soon. He believes this email marketing may be just the trick that helps him spread the word about his type of business. He is glad he heard about this company called Mad Mimi.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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