Monday, December 10, 2012

Bird Feeders Crafts for Kid

If you want to get your kids interested in bird watching, then what better way than to have them make their own bird feeders. Apart from keeping the children occupied making the bird feeders, they will then want to see the birds eating from them. Here are a few bird feeders crafts for kids which use things you’ll have around the house or garden.

Pine Cone and Peanut Butter

Collect a few pine cones from your garden or nearby woods; the large ones have a better area. Tie some string around the pine cone and knot it so it won’t slip off. Then make a loop with the remaining string so that you can hang it from a tree or hook on a bird feeder. Now smear peanut butter all over the pine cone and roll it in some sunflower seeds on a plate until lots of seeds are stuck to the peanut butter.
Hang up your bird feeder and wait for the birds to arrive. When all the seeds and peanut butter have been eaten, retrieve the pine cone and start again. You can hang up several of these in different places.

Net of Peanuts

Take a pair of old tights or a stocking, fill about 25cm (one foot) of a leg with peanuts (the sort you get in a shell, not salted ones) and tie a knot in the leg or tie it off with string so that you can re-use it. Cut off the excess stocking and tie string round the top so that you can hang it up. If the mesh of the stocking is very fine, puncture holes into it with a pencil so that the birds can get at the nuts.

String of Goodies

For this you can use dried fruit, stale bread, toast, cereal with a hole in it or popcorn but make sure it’s not salted or sweetened, just plain. You can have fun making the popcorn with the children as well.
Thread a darning needle with some fishing line or strong yarn and thread on your chosen treats. Festoon a tree with your string of goodies and you’ll probably find the squirrels will thank you as well as the birds.
Obviously, these bird feeders to make with children are suitable for the very young but as they get older you can try more advanced bird feeders crafts for kids doing basic woodwork.

For more information about birds for children, visit Liz Canham’s website Worldwide Bird Watching.

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