Thursday, December 6, 2012

Catch Up With Final Cut Pro Classes

I decided to take some classes this year. I am short on time, so actually going to the college is really tough for me. I wanted to find classes I could do at home and improve on one of my weaknesses. I am really weak when it comes to pictures stuff and I am new to Apple products. I am one of those middle-aged guys who has to be taken through new things step by step to get it through to me. I have a teenager daughter who gets frustrated with me because it takes me time for things to sink in. I try to tell her we didn't have computers when I was her age, but she does not care. I frustrate her and that is all that matters to her. Now when I ask her questions, she tells me to look it up on Google.

 I decided it would be better for me to take some courses. It takes awhile for things to sink in for me, but once they do, I catch on very quickly. The course I decided to take is called Final Cut Pro classes. It's actually a series of classes that will teach me everything I need to know about the subject. No more asking my daughter questions and her sending me to Google. I can't wait until I begin the classes and learn more about the process of editing and the Final Cut. After these classes, I will be taking more online classes. I found some that will teach me more technology I do not know anything about.

I wish they taught more of these types of things when I was in college. All through college, we did not use computers or have cell phones. Everything was out of books and in the classroom work. Boy have times changed. If you do not know about technology, you are in a mess. I still have trouble with computers, cell phones and all of the newer technology. My six year old daughter and eight year old son teach me about our computer and cell phone because they have grown into the technology era. I am glad there are classes like these that can help people like me catch up. I'm glad I at least know how to use the television remote and the microwave. 

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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