Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Son Loves To Play Games On our iPad and PC

My son loves to play video games online. He plays Mine Craft on our iPad and other games on the PC. He was telling me about a game he really loves to play on my PC. The game is called plants vs zombies and he loves to play it. He said the plants protect the house from zombies so the zombies cannot eat the brains of the people. It sounds gruesome, but it is a cool game  and my son has tons of fun. If it was too scary, he would not play it.

I love games too, but my games are different than my sons games. I played the old school games like Galaga and Ms. Pacman. Now I play just about any type of war game out there. I really love shooting games because they are fun and relax me. I never would have believed we would have so many games to choose from when I was a kid. I can't imagine what kinds of games my sons children will play in the future.

I believe my son's favorite games on the PC are plants vs zombies & Bejeweled. He is one of those kids that catches on to games fast. I often wonder if he is better at gaming than I am because he grew up with computers from the moment he was born. I remember the computers they had when I was a kid seemed like they were as big as a house. In today's world, gaming is a huge part of growing up. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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