Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Using An Unmetered Dedicated Server For Our Business

Our business needed a dedicated server for security reasons. We also wanted to have control over what our employees did on their computers. We didn't want them to waste any more time during work hours on personal matters. We talked with a reliable internet company that had the best deal in the business. They told us they had Unmetered Dedicated Servers that would save us money on our business expenses.

An Unmetered dedicated server is a server that is not limited to a finite amount of bandwidth like a typical server solution. An unmetered dedicated server is  limited only by the size of the network port. More importantly to our business, this means we will save money and get what we want in a dedicated server.

The company set up the dedicated server and we were up and going in no time. Now our company runs the way we want it, our security is up to date and our employees do not use their work time for their personal business. This is the best decision we have made for our business in a long time and we are happy everything runs smoothly. Here's to more success with our new dedicated server.

This is a sponsored post for Hivelocity, however, all the points and views
are my own.

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