Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Enrolled Agents Continuing Education

My brother-in-law decided to become an enrolled agent. He took the classes and got a job preparing taxes. What he didn't realize before he took the classes was he would have to continue taking classes every year. This year, he had to go to enrolled agent continuing education classes to meet IRS standards. My brother-in law loves to prepare taxes and he also loves to go to school and learn.

Next month, he has to take an enrolled agent ethics course. This class is important for his work. Ethics are extremely important when it comes to preparing taxes for people and dealing with the IRS. You never want to cheat on taxes or give the customer ideas on how they can cheat on their taxes. If you do, you get the customer and yourself in trouble with the IRS.

He told me the ea ethics course was pretty cool. It was an easy course that was also important. It is nice to know all the training enrolled agents have to go through to prepare for their job. They have to continue their education each year to meet all of the IRS requirements. I couldn't do it, so I am glad their are people like my brother-in-law who love to prepare taxes.

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