Friday, June 15, 2012

Alday Donalson's Customer Service is Still Alive

We all know the real estate business has been horrible in the Tampa area over the past few years. The prices of houses has dropped considerably, many people find themselves upside down or have lost their homes in the bad economy. Over these same years, we have heard about Fanny May and other companies that have lent their expertise to the destruction of our economy. Thankfully, there are still some good real estate companies in our area that have built their name over the years.

Alday Donalson  is no longer in business, but was a mainstay in the Tampa area for thirty-five years. Alday Donalson had six offices in the greater Tampa area and was a common name in the real estate business. Alday Donalson was taken over by a larger company called Universal Land Title. Now they will be able to serve all of their customers throughout Florida.

Universal Land Title has been able to modernize Alday Donalson since it took over the smaller real estate company. Universal Land Title has gained licences in over thirty states and is ready to serve its customers. Alday Donalson was merged into this larger company because they provide excellent customer service to their customer. They will continue to use this customer service to serve their customers under a new name, but with the same purpose.

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