Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm One Of Those Flakes Who Loves Reality Television

I guess I am a flake because I love reality television. Russell A. Solomon also loves reality television. We all choose our own reality television because we all have our favorites. I love Survivor, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars and others. There are some reality television shows that drive me crazy, but reality TV is just getting started. We had better get used to it because reality television is around to stay for a long time.

Russell A. Solomon watches reality television because there is an element of risk, surprise, anxiety and tension. How would you like to go on to Fear Factor and eat a few pig brains? This is reality television, where real people are the stars. I couldn't imagine having to eat something disgusting just to prove myself to millions of people who are watching me on the other side of the television.

Russell A. Solomon watches reality television and wonders what he would do if he were in the same situation. What would you do if you were on Survivor, in the pouring rain, without food or water? I have seen this scenario happen on the show and wondered if I could actually survive. Reality television is fun to watch because you become involved in the lives of real people on television.

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