Monday, June 11, 2012

Kristine's Shower Review and Giveaway 6/19/2012

Kristine's Shower sent my wife some cool natural shower products to review. As soon as you open the package, the fragrance fills the room. I love the products are natural and the fragrances are spectacular. My wife was sent a bath bomb that smells like delicious coconut, a natural guest soap, shea butter body sorbet, aloe vera body whip and shea butter body frosting.

Kristine's Shower is a small business. You know, one of those websites where the owner is usually the one who is answering your questions about their products. I like that their products are natural, smell good and are good for the skin. They don't leaver junk on your skin like many products you buy in the store. They make your skin healthier and softer almost immediately.

You will like Kristine's Shower and their products. They are great natural products that are not overly expensive. Good thing for you is today you get a chance to win this giveaway and try their products for free. You will be amazed by the fragrance of these great shower products.

The Giveaway will be for a pack of twelve Bath Bombs from Christine's Shower. They even have men's bath bombs These smell great, so you will love them just as much as my wife loves them. You will be able to take a nice bath and relax for a change.

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