Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time For New Mailboxes

Some of the people in our neighborhood need to buy new residential mailboxes. We had a storm come through last week that destroyed a half dozen mailboxes and did damage to some of the houses. This is a normal thing in Florida and I am thankful nobody was hurt during the storm. It wasn't a tornado or hurricane, just a strong thunderstorm with strong winds. My neighbor was one of the unlucky people who lost his mailbox. A tree fell and crushed it into a bunch of wooden pieces.

My neighbor decided to buy a cool new mailbox. He paid for it himself because this was the only damage done to his property. The tree was planted by the community, they cut it down and took the wood away. He bought a nice mailbox that fit the community regulations and looked really nice. I was a bit jealous because my mailbox is eight years old and has faded with age. I am thinking about buying a new mailbox in the future, but I am not ready yet.

My neighbor walked over to my house when he saw me look at his mailbox. He noticed that my address plaque was destroyed in the storm. I was lucky, the wind took hold of the address plaque and tore it from my house. There was no other damage. My neighbor told me the company that sold him his mailbox had a fantastic variety of address plaques. I took a look at them and have one coming in the mail soon. I peak out my window every day and watch for that box that will hold my new address plaque.

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