Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Friend Survived Open Heart Surgery

My friend was rushed to the hospital because he had a heart attack. I was surprised because he was only thirty-six years old and he seemed to be in good health. The problem was he smoked two packs of cigarettes a day and drank too much alcohol. They rushed my friend through the emergency room and worked on him. Good thing the hospital was only a few miles away because he looked to be in horrible shape.

They had to do open heart surgery on my friend. I believe he had something called an aortic aneurysm and it needed to be fixed immediately. The doctors did the surgery and my friend survived it. They had to replace something in his heart because the aneurysm destroyed it. He had to spend nearly a week in the hospital because it was a really serious surgery.

My friend made it home and he survived the ordeal. He slowed down on his drinking and quit smoking. The doctor told him he was in no condition to continue smoking and he finally listened. We hope my friend will live a long life now that he survived a heart attack and surgery. We thank God that the doctors were excellent surgeons and they knew what they were doing. Open heart surgery is nothing to joke about.

This is a sponsored post for NYU Cardiac and Vascular Institute, however,
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