Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Taking A Ride On That Limo In The Sky

I heard that charter plane service was like driving in a limo in the sky. I love limos because they are comfortable and have all of the amenities. Limos are fun and they can be a good time. I love riding in comfort and I love all of the best things in life. I thought that if a charter plane service was anything like a limo, it was for me.

I am one of those guys who hates to fly on a plane. It is uncomfortable, the ride is often rough and planes make me nervous. There have been a time or two when I actually had anxiety attacks while flying. Part of the reason is the planes themselves. They stuff you into a plane like a sardine in a can, fill it up with other sardines and take off. Who wants to fly in a plane filled to the brim so somebody rich can make more money?

This is why Charter plane service is for me. You get to fly in a comfortable plane with a lot of leg room. You get to choose your amenities. You have a comfortable ride in a plane you know is taken care of because the company wants your business. If you have to fly, you might as well fly in comfort. I can't wait to take a flight on the limo in the sky.

This is a sponsored post for Clear Jet, however, all the points and views
are my own

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