Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Does Obama Care Mean To You?

By now, you know the Supreme Court ruled that Obama Care is constitutional because the mandate is a tax. This means Obama Care is still in the picture for 2014. The question is what does it mean to you?

1) Your vote counts. If you vote for the wrong President, Congressman or Senator, they will turn around and stab you in the back. President Obama will now be allowed to charge you a 1 percent penalty if you refuse to accept his government healthcare.

2) This is the largest tax hike in American history. Grab your wallet and expect to pay more for taxes.

3) Insurance premiums will continue to go up. Obama Care was not made to fix the health care in our country, it was passed to give your government more control over you and your wallet.

4) The value of health care will go down. Obama Care or government healthcare will chase some of our best doctors away. You may have to develop a relationship with another doctor in the future.

5) If government healthcare is rationed, the weaker and the eldest people will wind up being last in line. Unless you have a ton of money to buy your own operation somewhere else.

6) The Supreme Court does not have your back. They are a part of our huge government. They ruled against us with abortion and now government healthcare. Who knows what they will do next?

7) The government is not your friend. You better vote the right people in or you will wind up with more government control.

8) Your vote counts more than you could have imagined.

9) Jobs, What Jobs? Obama Care will lose jobs in the long run, not gain jobs

10) Obama Care is not free and it will never be free! You Will Pay For It!!

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