Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Move To Kansas City

My sister used to live in Kansas City years ago. She moved to upstate NY into a small town and she is getting bored. She looks for houses online nearly everyday. She told me she looks in Florida, Kansas City and other parts of the country. She is amazed how the prices of houses have been going down. If she moved out of New York, she could buy a huge house for the price she paid for a tiny two bedroom. She is tempted, but her husband does not want to leave.

Yesterday, my sister told me how she found a site loaded with Kansas City homes. She believes her husband will be more likely to move to Kansas City than he would to Florida. Kansas City has a winter and Florida is too hot. She believes her husband would not be able to deal with the heat in Florida. Sometimes, she wonders if she will ever get out of New York.

My sister's dream is to buy a house and turn it into a bed and breakfast. My sister loves to cook and entertain. She knows now is the time for her to look because eventually the housing market will begin to pick up again. She would rather get in at the bottom and watch the value of her place slowly rise, than to pay too much for the place. I hope my sister will be able to find a place soon so she can live her dream. Even if it is in Kansas City and not Florida.

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