Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shaving My Face And Not Cutting It

I have to shave every day and it can become a pain. Today's razors are cool because you get a close shave every time you shave. The only problem I have is when I use a new sharp razor. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I cut myself while using a new razor. I believe it means my face is just one of those very sensitive faces. Once my face gets used to the razor, I am fine, but that first cut is really tough on my face.

I decided maybe I needed to use a different type of razor. A razor made for sensitive faces and  is safe to use all of the time. I decided to use one of those safety razors and protect myself from that first cut. I hate walking around with toilet paper stuck to my face to stop the bleeding. It gets embarrassing

I'm learning over time that you need a good razor if you want to remain cut free. You also have to take your time when you use a new blade because of how sharp they are. I am hoping the next time I use a new blade, I won't cut my face the first time I move the razor across it. Here's to a close shave with no wounds.

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