Monday, June 11, 2012

Where To Buy Quality Restaurant Supplies

I used to have a job where I delivered Hospitality Supplies & Hotel Catering Supplies. I would go to the warehouse, fill my truck to the tilt and drive from Cincinnati to Louisville. Once I reached Louisville, I would deliver to twenty or thirty restaurants and hotels. They would usually be happy to see me because I carried the products that would get their businesses through the week.

I never realized where the Restaurant Supply goods came from way back then. I was just a delivery guy who made money delivering the products to the businesses. Now I work in a restaurant and we have to order supplies for our place. We need the best products to make sure we please our clientele at the restaurant. We go to the same place for our restaurant supplies and our Restaurant Equipment. They sell the best products and their website is easy to use.

We go to their website, find what we want and order it. They have all the good quality products we need for our restaurant. They are easy to deal with, friendly and they carry most of the products we need for our restaurant. What makes the deal better is we get free shipping with all orders over $500.

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