Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why Professionals Prefer 0-Turn Mowers

When you were mowing the lawn at home as a teenager, you probably did not have many visions of having a particular kind of mower. However, those that mow lawns every day, all day, as a career do have certain preferences in the mowers they use. For example, professionals prefer mowers with a zero turning radius, such as Exmark 0-turn mowers. The reason they prefer this is because that kind of mower enables them to get into tight spots, which they encounter all the time. It also enables them to mow a lawn more quickly because they can mow just as a teenager does at home. Riding mowers that cannot turn in a zero radius take more time because there are often wasted trips back and forth on the lawn, trying to get into position to get a certain spot on the lawn.

Mowing Lawns as a Profession

Mowing lawns for a job can be very hard work. Even though it may seem easy to those that watch a person sitting down in a riding mower, there is more to the job than riding the mower. First, mowing lawns is usually done in the heat of the day. Second, there is the fact that there is the trimming that must be done on large-scale commercial sites, such as apartment complexes and office buildings. Lastly, there is heavy lifting involved when dumping the clippings. Many other side jobs are often done by the mowers, which do not involve sitting on the mower.

The Benefits of Mowing Lawns as a Career

When mowing lawns professionally, there are some benefits. For example, there are often hours of alone time when you can be left to your thoughts and your music. This is great for being able to ponder the things in life that you might be struggling to handle. It is also a great career for those that prefer not to interact with people. Mowing a lawn does not require a lot of interaction with clients, and that is beneficial for those who don’t like to do that. If you choose mowing lawns as a profession, the day may come when you will have a preference on a mower, such as ExMark 0-turn mowers, and understand why you want that.

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