Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Use the Right Tools and the Right Parts

Having the right tools for the job is important, but having the right parts is vital. Life isn’t a Johnny Cash song about a ’59, ’60, ’61, ’62… Cadillac that he built from stolen parts over the course of a career at the Cadillac plant. At least those parts were for the same type of vehicle. Really the only parts you want to use for your York chiller are genuine parts. Just like the only parts you would want to use for your Mercedes are genuine Mercedes parts. There is no reason to save money on cheap, imitation parts that may cause more harm than good on a machine that costs thousands of dollars or more. It just doesn’t make financial sense to jeopardize an investment that way.

The Right Tools

If you have done any sort of home repairs, you have probably used a wrench as a hammer or a screwdriver as an ice pick. These tools were not made to do such work, but if you were lucky they got the job done without being damaged though the screwdriver probably got rusty. Even professionals make the mistake of being too lazy to get the right tool to do the job. They may use a pocket knife as a screwdriver and risk getting cut by the blade. The smartest people gather all of the tools that they need and bring them to the job. It is precisely what a tool belt was built for. Using the right tools reduces the risk of damage to the tool, the person using the tool, and those around the person using the tool.

The Right Parts

For some reason, people think that parts are as interchangeable as screws. While there are some manufacturers whose parts have been relatively well made by other companies, the more money that a particular machine is worth, the more likely it is a good idea to get the parts specifically made for that machine by the company that made the machine. York chiller parts are made for York chillers. There is no need to risk your investment in the large tonnage chiller by using cheap parts.

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