Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Get Your Website to the Top

When it comes to SEO, search engine optimization, you need your business’ website to be at the top of its game. As search engine algorithms have become more sophisticated, SEO has become more complicated. It is no longer just a case of stuffing the same term over and over in the background to get noticed.

SEO Algorithms

Now the things you have to have included backlinks, constantly updated websites, and web hits, which kind of brings up the whole chicken or egg debate – you want to optimize your site to get web hits, but you need web hits to get optimized. It is kind of like college grad trying to get a job. He or she can’t get a job without experience but cannot get experience without a job. Fortunately, the web hits are just one part of a super complicated algorithm that is different for each search engine.

Front Page

The fervor behind SEO stems from the virtual real estate one can garner for free when the SEO is done correctly. Studies show that people generally do not get past the first page and 95% or more of the time will click on the first link that comes up. If yours is the first link to come up, jackpot! You hit the lottery, and you will be getting most of the traffic. If you are on page two, well, better luck next time. If you are on page five – you’re not really trying.

More than One Prong

Your SEO, search engine optimization, should include a multipronged approach. Articles can be constructed to make sure that they meet certain requirements, web pages can be appropriately tagged, and content can be updated frequently. This means that you may need to hire someone who is able to not only update the website frequently, but also has the writing skills to keep it updated with new information related to your business and what you do. Even better might be to find someone or a company that can put together an SEO package that will include links to your website and blog participation. That should increase your bottom line in no time.

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