Sunday, August 11, 2013

Custom Candy Creations Lollipop Review

Summer sent me some lollipops from her store. She was nice enough to ask me what kind and what flavors my kids would enjoy. My children picked Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty. My daughter really loves Hello Kitty. The lollipops came in the mail and my children were excited. They both had to try the Mango flavor first, they love mangos. I even tried a lollipop to see what they tasted like. The lollipops are delicious and they look really cute. They would be perfect for a birthday party. Checking out Custom Candy Creations for your next birthday party would do the trick.

As you can see, the lollipops look cute and they are delicious. We are all looking for something cool for our children's birthday parties. These lollipops are reasonable, they look and taste good. If you are looking for that perfect party favor, check out Custom Candy Creations and they will make something special for you and your children.

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