Friday, August 30, 2013

Daddy Waddy Journal-Trip From Tampa To Gainesville Georgia

I am the only one who drives in the family. My wife planned a trip to Georgia, so our children could go to camp with other Kids for Christ. The camp is also twenty miles from my sister in law, my wife's sister. We borrowed my other sister in law's Honda Fit. The car is small, but fit us nicely. The gas mileage was great, the power and comfort lacks for a small car. The trip was 516 miles and was very tiring.

After 100 miles, the air-conditioning decided to stop working. This is not fun in Florida at the end of August. The car is three years old, but still has only 14,000 miles. My sister in law drives, but not too much. She never drives on the highway and she just does errands with her car. We stopped at a rest stop and I found a bunch of ice on the air-conditioner. I pulled the ice off and we drove the next hundred miles with our windows open. Lucky for us, it rained and cooled us off a bit. We turned on the air-conditioner and it began to work again.

We decided to eat at exit 101 in Georgia on I-75. We chose Chick Fil A, the food was great and the service was excellent. This restaurant really has their act together and they continued to ask us if everything was good for us. The traffic was horrible the entire trip. Partly because it is a holiday weekend and partly because many of the drivers were rushing it. They were in a hurry to get where they were going. We saw 25 police on the way and they were giving out plenty of tickets for Labor Day weekend.

We survived the trip here and hope to make it back to Tampa in good shape. My wife and I decided this will be the last long-distance mini vacation we take on the road. We will likely fly the next time we visit Georgia. This is the beginning of my journal which will talk about all aspects of life as a stay at home father who finds time to work around his kids and his family.

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