Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hertz Failed At Tampa International Airport

My brother came to visit us in the Tampa area for over a week. He comes from a small town (just outside Albany) in upstate New York. He needed a car for a couple of days, so he rented one from Hertz at the Tampa airport. He walked up to the counter and the lady was rude to him. She talked down to him and made him feel grumpy. He picked up his car that was supposed to be a full-sized car, they gave him a little four cylinder car instead. He asked at the counter what was wrong and they told him he would have to pay extra to upgrade. He had a card in his hand to get two free upgrades, but it was not good enough for them.

He needed the car, so he took it anyway. He drove it for two days and brought it back to Hertz. The people were different on this day, but they were still rude to him. He keeps asking me if the people in Tampa are all rude or was this a special situation. He is used to a small town where people treat each other with respect. Hertz failed at Tampa International Airport and we will no longer use them for any of our car rental needs. Two thumbs down Hertz, thanks for being rude to my brother..

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