Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Choosing The Best Dog For Your Family

My nine year old son has always been afraid of dogs. This is because he has two large dogs chase him when he was four or five years old. It has been a tough time trying to find a pet my son is not afraid of. Finally, we went to my friend Dog's house. He has a Beagle. We pulled in the driveway and my son locked all the doors to our car. He was not going to get out. My friend tied up his dog and my son actually made it out of our car.
best dog for
I went over to pet the dog. My seven year old daughter decided to pet the dog. My son finally saw that the Beagle was a very calm dog. He walked over and pet the dog. The dog loved him and my son loves the dog. He can't get enough of him. My son wants to go over to Doug's house to see his new friend as soon as possible.

The picture will send you to a website that will talk to you about retrievers. We found a retriever when I was a teenager. The dog had been hit by a car and had a broken leg. We took him to the vet, nursed him back to health and enjoyed his company for the rest of his life. Retrievers are beautiful dogs that are great around children. They love you just as much as you love them, even more. If you want a good family dog, check into a retriever.

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