Monday, June 10, 2013

The Rescued Dog Princess

This is Princess, no she is not dead  she has been playing with the big dogs!!!

Princess was rescued from The Suncoast Animal League in Palm Harbor Florida.
We are firm believers in rescuing animals.Every pet you may see on my blog has been rescued (or saved) in our eyes.
While I am not against someone who breeds dogs or cats,or any kind of animal,I believe that there are too many pets
who need a caring and loving home.That is why I will always try to help a neglected or abused animal who didn't ask for that kind of treatment,who only lives to give unconditional love to its true caregiver.
We have four cats,Logan,Kitty,Frank and Buddy.All of whom came into our lives either from taking them off the streets,or off of a friends hands that couldn't care for them due to allergies or realized it was a much bigger job than they could handle.We also have three dogs,Cleo,Dee and Pac Man.Cleo came from Pet Pal Animal Shelter in Saint Petersburg Florida after we lost Brittany, a great dog to old age.Cleo filled a huge hole in our hearts that I never thought could be filled after Brittany's death however after realizing we did a great thing by giving another dog a second chance at a loving life she helped us to heal.Dee was given to us by our daughter Monique who had rescued him from eating out of garbage cans and after a few years said she couldn't give him the care he deserved but knew where he could get it, at our house. Pac Man wandered into our yard one day and after an exhausting effort to try and find his caregiver,we realized that he wanted to be here where he was loved.
I am going to try a new thing on my blog called PET PHOTO FRIDAY where every Friday I will post a picture of either my pets or one from  my extended family.I hope that will encourage you to either adopt a pet of your own or donate to your local SPCA whether it is monetary or giving of your time.
Bob Barker used to end every episode of The Price Is Right with the message to spay or neuter your pets and as a child I 
really didn't understand that but as an adult I have  grown to know what he meant,to add to that phrase,Micro chip your pets as well.

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