Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Revolt Workout Week Five

I sit here as tropical storm Andrea rages outside. The only thing I worry about with tropical storms is the tornadoes that pop up out of nowhere instantly. There have been four or five today, one within six or seven miles from out house. Right now, we have mostly have pouring rain and wind. The kids were sent home form school and I wonder why they even allowed them to go in the first place.

This week was good for me because I am over being sick and have some energy. I realized that the diet cannot be a diet, this has to be a lifestyle change. I have a friend who has gone on diets for the past three years and gains all of the weight back. I believe he is the same he was three years ago. I joined Revolt to change my lifestyle. I know I cannot eat a perfect diet every day, but I plan to try to eat a better diet for the rest of my life. This week I had to review Longhorn Steakhouse for my blog. I ate good, but I also watched some of the things I ate during the meal. It is hard to go to a steakhouse like Longhorn and eat a perfectly healthy meal. I also allow myself one pizza a week on thin crust. I learned that I do not like Kale in a salad and will stick to spinach, I like the taste of spinach better.

As far as exercise, my problem is my body. I can do any exercise that I see, but my body pays for it. Part of it is arthritis, a bad back and the beginning of old age. When I am not able to continue on the workout, I go back to walking and stretching, until my body catches up. I also am a beer vendor and I get a ton of exercise through walking up and down stairs in the stadiums. I like the Revolt workouts and am amazed at how tough they can be at times. The program is very helpful in many ways. The exercise and diet help and I find myself in better shape than I was five weeks ago. I pay attention to Facebook and what everybody else has to say. It is nice to see people encouraging each other and working together towards success.

I hope everybody else had a good week. If you are stuck in this weather like us, stay safe. I have to work out in it tonight, but it is not the first time. Tropical storms are like big thunder storms that last longer and have a bite, but they are nothing like hurricanes.

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