Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You Can Fight Your Tickets When You Feel You Were Wronged

We all think we were wronged when a police officer stops us and gives us a ticket. Sometimes the policeman is right when he stops us, other times he is trying to reach his quota. Your particular state always needs more funds and they are going to get the money from you one way or another. I am always a careful driver. Part of it is because I have been driving for a quarter of a century, the other part is the two small children who drive with me most of the time. I believe it is important to drive careful and follow the rules. This way, you do your part to make the roads safer. It's a shame not everybody feels the same, but that is part of the reason our roads are not as safe as they could be.

I remember one night, I was stopped by a police officer who was obviously trying to reach his quota. He asked me if I knew why he stopped me and I told him I had no idea. He told me one of my license plate lights had gone out. This was his way of telling me he was trying to find an excuse to stop me. He checked my paperwork and was informed that my license had been suspended. He cut up my license right in front of me, gave me a ticket and told me I needed to get insurance. He then handed me my insurance card back, told me he could have arrested me and drove off into the night. The problem with the situation was I had insurance and the police officer actually verified my proof of insurance. My former automobile insurance company reported me as not having insurance. I knew it was time for me to fight tickets and get the satisfaction of proving the courts wrong.

I went to court, proved my case and the judge threw it out of court. To my disbelief, I still had to pay court costs and buy a new license. I thought this was a real sham. How could the authorities be incorrect and I still had to pay the price. This is why there are lawyers out there that can take care of situations (like this) for you. They can cut through all the red tape and make sure you are not cheated. It is a shame things have to go this far sometimes, but this is one of those life lessons I will never forget.

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