Friday, January 18, 2013

Famous People Who Died on January 19th-Stan Musial Dies

Dying is just like taxes in the respect that it is going to happen to you and me. Over history, we realize it doesn't matter who you are, you are going to face death. Famous people have no secret weapon against death. They are just like you and I. They will die. We will die. Death is a part of life. However, many of us look forward to eternal life in Heaven. After we all pass from this world, I hope to meet each one of you in a better place called Heaven.
We Live And We Die
Nobody Lives Forever
See You In Heaven
Sargent Shriver, the first Peace Corps boss died yesterday, he was 95 Years old
What Happened Today in History?
1861- Georgia becomes 5th state to secede
1952 - PGA approves allowing black participants
1955- "Millionaire" TV program premieres on CBS
1955 - "Scrabble" debuts on board game market
2011-Dolly Parton Turns 65
Famous Deaths

1810-1878 -Henri V Regnault was a French physicist/chemist, he is known for his careful measurements of the thermal properties of gases
1842-1885 -Fred Burnaby was an English colonel/balloon pioneer, dies in battle, some places list his day of death as the 17th of January and he was also an English traveler
1889-1975 -Thomas Hart Benton was an American painter who was at the forefront of the Regionalist art movement, he was known for Midwest paintings, but did much NY art while living there for twenty years.
1898-1980 -William O Douglas was a member US Supreme court (1939-75), He is the longest serving justice on the United States Supreme Court "the most doctrinaire and committed civil libertarian ever to sit on the court." (Time Magazine)

1920-2013- Stan Musial-was an American professional baseball player who played 22 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the St. Louis Cardinals (1941–1963). Nicknamed "Stan the Man", Musial was a record 24-time All-Star selection (tied with Willie Mays), and is widely considered to be one of the greatest hitters in baseball history.[1] He compiled 3,630 hits (ranking fourth all-time and most in a careel spent with only one team). With 1,815 hits at home and 1,815 on the road, he is also considered to be the most consistent hitter of his era.[1] He also compiled 475 home runs during his career, was named the National League's (NL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) three times, and won three World Series championship titles. Musial was a first-ballot inductee to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1969.
1904-1982 -Leopold Trepper was a Polish/Israeli spy (WW II) who settled in Israel in 1974 and wrote his autobiography
1916-1997 -Adriana Caseloti was the voice for Disney's Snow White
1961-2007 -Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow, American professional wrestler who was 400 lbs. and a professional wrestler for 21 years and he held 19 championships during his wrestling career, he died from a drug overdose
1939-2008 -John Stewart was an American musician (The Kingston Trio), he wrote the Monkey's number one single "Daydream Believer"
1972-2010 -Jennifer Lyon American reality television personality on Survivor Palau, she is the first Survivor castaway to pass away, she finished in fourth place on Survivor Palau and Jennifer Lyon died from cancer at the age of 37.
1915-2011Sargent Shriver was the first Peace Corps boss died yesterday, he was 95 Years old when he died on January 18th, he was also the Democratic Party's candidate for US Vice President during the 1972 US Presidential Election, he was the 21st US Ambassador to France, he was the first director of the Peace Corps under President John F. Kennedy and his wife is Eugene Kennedy Shriver who is a member of the Kennedy family, he was a lieutenant during World War II, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1994 from President Bill Clinton.
This is series of famous people who died was inspired by Faye Farley who writes about famous people who were born on the same dates. Each day I will make a list of the famous people who died on the particular day with a link to her story about who was born on a particular day. Today's famous deaths will be linked to her September 27 story because she has not made it to October yet. Click here to check out Faye's writing

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