Saturday, January 5, 2013

Please Stop At Stop Signs

It is amazing to me how many people in Florida blow through Stop Signs. You have to keep your eyes open because you have no idea when it is going to happen next. Stop signs are important signs, but many people don't realize this or care. It is a shame seeing all of the extra accidents in our area because of the many people who do not care. We need some sort of classes in HS where kids learn the rules before they take to the road. This would stop some of the problems in our area.

A Stop Sign is a pretty easy sign to understand. You see the sign and you make a complete stop. You look both ways before you proceed and then you go on your way. A stop sign is an easy sign as long as you use it correctly. You cannot roll through a stop sign. You cannot blow through a stop sign. If you do, you can cause an accident and hurt people. You may even wind up hurting yourself. This is why a stop sign is very important to use correctly and follow.

If everybody followed Stop Signs correctly, we would live in a much safer world. You figure the guy that put up each stop sign believes each person will look at the sign, stop and make sure the roads are safer for everybody. I wonder what sort of sign they would have put up if they realized so many people would not pay attention to a regular stop sign. Maybe it would be a STOP now OR ELSE sign would have been a better idea. Please stop at stop signs and make the world safer for everybody.

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