Monday, January 28, 2013

Why I Cut My Kohl's Credit Card Into Small Pieces

I am a man and I am not too fond of shopping. I mean I like a good deal, but I hate the aggravations of standing in line just to save a few bucks. I got the Kohl's credit card because the store was easy to deal with at first. They had good deals and I saved a bunch of money. I would rather stay home and shop on Amazon. The deals are just as good and you have to deal with less stress.

When they sent me 30 percent off everything in the mail, it got me into the store. I bought a bunch of clothes for my children and saved a good amount of money. The cashier gave me 2 ten dollar bucks cards and told me I could get more with the same 30 percent off coupon. I could then use all of them (at the same time) and buy something for myself.

I went back to the store a week later and bought more clothing. I was given another bucks card for ten dollars and put it in my wallet with the other two. Here my troubles began. I had to go to customer service because I was over charged by twenty bucks or so. I stood in another line and had to show the customer service agent a sign in the store proving the cost of a pair of pants I bought for my son. There were two other items, but I was in a hurry because I had to go to work. The customer service agent told me she took the money off my credit card. I thanked her and drove home.

When I get home, I realize the discount was not right. I called Kohl's up and talked to a manager. She fixed the problem and told me she was sorry. Finally I decided to use the three Kohl's ten dollar cards the next week. There was a problem because the first two were expired. The dates were not the same like I was led they were going to be.

I could have stood in another line and talked to the manager again. I could have dealt with the stress for the thirty bucks of (overpriced) stuff I wanted to buy. I decided to go home and take the stress out on my Kohl's credit card. The scissors did a nice job on the card. I will pay my bill this month and spend more time shopping on Amazon.

The question you have to ask yourself is how much stress thirty dollars is really worth. I use the three strikes rule when I deal with a store. If they get three strikes within a month's time, they lose my business for a long time. Kohl's has been crossed off my list because I am not willing to deal with stress every time I walk into their store. I will be spending my time behind my computer and shopping on Amazon. There is no stress because their return policy is great and you don't have to stand in any lines. Goodbye Kohl's, hello Amazon.

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