Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dress Up And Have Some Fun

I remembered my youth the other day at the shop. Two girls walked into our shop wearing club dresses. They were young, probably in their low twenties. They were looking for accessories for their night because the one girl left her makeup home. I showed the girls to the area of our store that dealt with makeup, they found what they were looking for and bought a few things. I took another look at them when they left the shop. My wife asked me what I was doing looking at young girls. I told her I was remembering when I was in my twenties going out with my friends.

It is funny how small things like this can remind you of your youth. When I saw the girls, I remembered my old car and my friends. I remembered how we used to go out and have a ton of fun together. I wondered how my old friends were doing. I haven't talked to any of them in so many years. I hoped these girls had a great time going out on the town with their friends. I also hoped they did not lose touch with their friends as the years passed by. It is important to enjoy your youth and find important relationships. Have fun, but make sure you are safe, so the memories are fun to look back at when you look back at them.

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