Sunday, January 13, 2013

Famous People Who Died On January 13th

Dying is just like taxes in the respect that it is going to happen to you and me. Over history, we realize it doesn't matter who you are, you are going to face death. Famous people have no secret weapon against death. They are just like you and I. They will die. We will die. Death is a part of life. However, many of us look forward to eternal life in Heaven. After we all pass from this world, I hope to meet each one of you in a better place called Heaven.
We Live And We Die
Nobody Lives Forever
See You In Heaven
What Happened Today in History?
1930- "Mickey Mouse" comic strip 1st appears
1957 - Wham-O Company produces the 1st Frisbee
1969- Beatles release "Yellow Submarine" album
1982- Hank Aaron & Frank Robinson elected to Hall of Fame
1826-1864 -Stephen Foster composer was the "father of American Music" (My Old Kentucky Home), dies at 37 in NY from an accidental fall
1834-1882 -Wilhelm Mauser was a German weapon designer and manufacturer, together with his brother invented the Mauser 1871 rifle, this was the first metal cartridge weapon of the German Empire.
1848-1929 -Wyatt Earp was a famous US marshal who was known for his participation in the OK Corral along with Doc Holiday
1867-1939 -Jacob Ruppert was the CEO for the New York Yankees, 1915-39 who was also a National Guard Colonel, a Representative from New York and a Brewery owner
1938-1968 -Bill Masterson was the NHL player for the Minnesota North stars checked into the boards, dies two days later
1911-1978 -Hubert Humphrey (Senator-Democrat-Minnesota, 38thVP under Lyndon Johnson), lost to Richard Nixon in the 1968 Presidential election
1887-1978 -Joseph V McCarthy was a baseball manager for the New York Yankees 1931-1946, under McCarthy the New York Yankees won seven World Series Championships, he was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1957
1897-2002 -Gregorio Fuentes was a Cuban fisherman, reputed model for Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea
1967-2006 -Marc Potvin was a Canadian ice hockey player; he was the cousin of Denis Potvin, committed suicide by hanging himself
1932-2008 -Johnny Podres was an American baseball player/pitcher who won three World Series championships, was the MVP in one of the World Series championships and won his World Series championships with the Brooklyn/LA Dodgers
1950-2010 -Teddy Pendergrass was an American R&B singer, was seriously injured in a car accident and paralyzed "I Don't Love You Anymore", was a colon cancer survivor who died from respiratory failure a few weeks after successful colon cancer surgery
1936-2011- David Nelson-He was the last living member of the Nelson family who played in the "Ozzie and Harriet show, was the son of Ozzie and Harriet, the brother to famous singer Rickie Nelson who died in a plane crash, David Nelson died on January 11, 2011
This is series of famous people who died was inspired by Faye Farley who writes about famous people who were born on the same dates. Each day I will make a list of the famous people who died on the particular day with a link to her story about who was born on a particular day. Today's famous deaths will be linked to her September 27 story because she has not made it to October yet. Click here to check out Faye's writing

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