Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Portable Bars Are A Beer Vendors Best Friend

I am a beer vendor and we are always looking for new equipment. We do anything from selling beer in the stands at stadiums, to setting up portable bars. It all depends on the situation. Sometimes, we have all day concerts that take a portable bar. You have to have three or four guys on the bar during a big contest or the fan will try to steal beer from you. It is nothing like dealing with fans who have a little bit of alcohol in them. They lose all of their ideas about what is right or wrong. Inhibitions are no more with a few beers below the belt. That is why there are rules to serving alcohol. You want to make sure the person is old enough to buy alcohol by checking their ID's and you want to make sure they are not junk.

It is great to have a portable bar that actually keeps the beer cold. When it comes to beer, the colder the better. At every event I do, People are always asking me if my beer is cold. You get tired of answering them, so you often let them touch the cans or bottles. This way, they know themselves you are serving them the best product possible. A portable bar that keeps the beer cold during hot summer days is my best friend. This makes the customers happy and the tips flow. If you know anything about beer vendors, you know we live on tips.

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