Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why Not Buy The Perfect Straight Razor

I was always afraid of Straight razors when I was a little boy. I saw them and imagined how badly they could cut me. I remember seeing the bad guy in the movies cutting his victim with a straight razor. The blood would fly all over the place and people would scream out in fear. I have quite an imagination and my mind would do crazy things to me when I saw a straight razor. I remember when my father took us to the barber and I saw him shave my father with a straight razor. The barber really had to know what he was doing or bad things could happen. One wrong move and my father would be a victim just like those people in the movies. It never happened because the barber knew his job well. 

I never shaved with a straight razor. I never went to a barber who used one on me. Must be my fears. The straight razors are very sharp and they give excellent smooth shaves. If you choose the right company, you can get a great straight razor to shave with. I will stick to the more traditional razors because they do the trick for me. I love a great razor and I love a great shave. I get the best feeling when I get a nice close shave. My face is smooth, there are no cuts and my skin feels refreshed. A good shave is the best feeling ever and a great razor is a friend you cannot live without. 

I do admit that I am afraid of straight razors. They are sharp and they do the job for many men. I guess I should have stayed away from horror movies, but I love the things. I know a straight razor will not hurt me if it's used correctly, but my imagination can hurt me. Straight razors can give you the perfect shave, but again I will stick to my good razor. I go to the barber for haircuts because I trust him and he is good at his job. He would probably give me a great shave with a straight razor, but it will never happen. Let me give you some clues. If you want a great shave, pick the perfect razor or straight razor for you. If you want to use a straight razor, make sure you stay away from my favorite types of movies. They will just make your imagination run wild and make you think thoughts you should never think.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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