Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Secret Life Of Shaving

I remember when I was a kid. I always got excited when I went into the bathroom and saw all of my dad's shaving stuff. I was afraid of the razor because it looked really sharp. I was afraid to touch it because I was sure I would cut myself. If I cut myself messing with my dad's razor, I would get in trouble and get punished. I made sure I stayed away from the razor, but the other stuff was fair game as far as I was concerned. I found myself attracted to the shaving brushes badger because it was really cool. I spent hours just looking at the thing, but afraid to touch it. I dreamed about taking the brush, wiping shaving cream on my face and shaving just like my dad shaved each and every day.

Finally, I could not control myself any longer. I had to get my hands on that shaving brush. I decided to give it a try one day. I got myself into that bathroom and I locked the door. I took my dad's shaving cream and wiped it all over my face with the shaving brush. Then I made believe I was shaving my face like I was my dad. I mean I was only eight years old and I could not shave for real. My dad never found out about my fake shaving, even though I did it many times. He must have gone through a ton of shaving cream, but he was none the wiser. This was my first step when it came to shaving. The real test came when I was fifteen years old.

I was fifteen years old and it was time to actually shave. I had been using my dad's shaving brush for years. Today, I would actually use his razor. I wiped the shaving cream on my face and picked up that sharp razor for the first time. I shaved my face that day for the first time and made a mess of my face. I cut my face at least a dozen of times. It hurt, but I did it and I was no longer a rookie. My dad noticed because of all of the toilet paper stuck to my face. He smiled and he winked, but he did not say a word. Maybe he knew more about his shaving equipment than I gave him credit for.

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