Thursday, October 10, 2013

Help You Will Find at a Funeral Home

When a loved one passes away, a mortuary like the Pace funeral home is there to help you through the funeral and the burial. If they were forward thinking, all the arrangements that the deceased desired would have been decided on long before they passed away. Making prior arrangements and paying for them saves those left behind from having to decide on what to do without their loved one around.

Funeral and Burial Arrangements

Anyone can go and meet with a funeral director and make the decisions about where you want your body interred, what type of funeral service you want, and if you want your body to be preserved or not. You can be buried in a traditional cemetery, a green cemetery, a Jewish only cemetery, or cremated. If you have a lot of money and want to be put in a quick frozen state, your body can be preserved that way. Mummification is also a choice for those who love ancient traditions. Some green cemeteries allow you to be buried in a simple wooden box in the ground, with no embalming fluids. You can also be wrapped in a sheet and buried like they were hundreds of years ago. Some green cemeteries don’t allow you to put a traditional granite headstone to mark where the body is buried. The green burial spot can be marked with something natural like a tree or rocks.

Honoring Wishes

Cremation is becoming more popular with clients and, at a place like the Pace funeral home, they are equipped to honor almost all the wishes of the deceased. Some wishes just aren’t in their power to grant. The funeral can be conducted at the funeral home or wherever the deceased had requested. A memorial service is also a possibility if a full-blown funeral service is not desired. If the arrangements have not been made before they pass away, the family can do the best they can with what they think their loved one would have wanted. Funeral directors are in their profession because they do a good job with people who are grieving by helping them get through a difficult time. Be assured, you will be in good hands when the time comes.

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