Wednesday, October 2, 2013

An Unsanitary Moment At Sweet Tomatoes In Brandon, Florida

We like to eat at Sweet Tomatoes. We like the food and we like that the food is healthier than most restaurants. We decided to go to Sweet Tomatoes tonight because the kids were hungry and wanted to go. We showed up thirty minutes before they closed without knowing their store hours. The cashier gave us a better deal than the coupon we handed to her. She was very nice, even though she was preoccupied with a boy who worked there.

We got out drinks and most of our food. We sat down to eat and the waiter was very nice and helpful. Suddenly, I went back for more food and noticed a huge pile of dirt right in the middle of the floor by the food. I looked behind me and an employee was sweeping all the trash very close to the food. You actually had to walk through the dirt to get to the food. This was a very large pile of dirt that looked and was unsanitary. I have never seen this at Sweet Tomatoes before.

I asked the waiter what he thought about the situation. He agreed and talked to the manager. The manager talked the employee and glanced at us. It was nine and the store was ready to close. The problem there were still a dozen or more customers in the store trying to get their food. My family and I were done, so we left. My wife was a little grumpy that I said something, but I thought it was important.

I work with food every day. I know you should not sweep dirt in the area where people are trying to eat. I also know the employee was trying to chase people out of the restaurant so he could go home. I understand that, but there is no reason to make conditions unsanitary while customers are still in the restaurant. I nope Sweet Tomatoes does not do this in all of their restaurants. I also hope this was just one time at one Sweet Tomatoes. If I wanted to eat near a pile of dirt, I would have gone on a picnic in the middle of the beach.

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