Thursday, August 8, 2013

Not Digging The New Yahoo Mail

Yahoo changed the set up of my email once again, yeah. I know Yahoo believes they are making things better, they always believe this. I get used to the way my email is set up, then they change it again. I know Yahoo is a free email, but they are becoming an annoying email. Every time you go into your Yahoo email, you have pop up ads all over the place. You are also sent a bunch of SPAM emails directly from Yahoo themselves. These guys want to make money off each and every one of us.

Yahoo, I don't like the new format. I don't like all of the ads. I do like the free email and I keep your email account because this is how everybody gets in touch with me. Not sure if Yahoo has changed your email, but I am not digging the new Yahoo mail. Could you please turn back the clock.....

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