Thursday, June 20, 2013

What You Need to Know about Flame Resistance Clothing

In industries where employees are utility or petrochemical workers, flame resistant clothing isn't just the standard anymore. It's actually a rule for these employees to dress in flame resistant uniforms. However, when you're looking for flame resistant clothing for yourself or your employees, you may be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choices out there. However, you can utilize services such as companies with websites like to find flame resistant clothing for your employees. This post will help you know everything you need to about this type of clothing.

Where to Start

Before you purchase any type of clothing for your employees, you must first understand what regulations apply to you and your employees. There a few key regulations you need to understand:
·         ASTM's F1506-98: This standard requires that clothing worn by electrical workers be flame resistant, meaning that the fabric will not ignite if exposed to an electrical ingnition source and electrical arc.
·         ASTM's F1891-98: This standard applies to waterproof clothing, stating that any waterproof rainwear for industrial workers must also be arc and flame resistant.
·         NFPA's 2112-XX: This standard is for industrial workers that may be exposed to flash fires, stating that these workers must be wearing specific flame resistant garments.
·         NFPA's 2113-XX: This standard involves the proper maintenance of these flame resistant garments.

Finding Clothing Companies

Now that you understand that there are several different regulations stating the requirements for flame resistant clothing, you can start looking for companies to sell you the product. Before you find a clothing company, start listing exactly what you need for your employees. List different types of garments you'll need, as well as how much of that specific type of garment. Look for companies by asking fellow business owners for recommendations. If you can get some good recommendations on a good flame resistant clothing company, you'll be way ahead of the game. You'll also want to check out websites such as, which have all their products listed there for you to see. A professional and quality company will have a website that is put together well and looks professional.

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