Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Valence Group Provides Advisory Services To Chemical Companies

A special investment bank, The Valence Group provides M&A advisory services to companies and investors of chemicals and similar divisions. They have developed experience in several transactions such as: buy-side, sell-side, joint venture, public offers, private companies, LBOs, corporate carve-outs, and management buy-outs. Their staff has worked in the sector for many years, gaining immense knowledge in the very specialized areas, which allows their clients to benefit from their experience in the contractual, economic, transactional and liability issues that arise in the specific sector. They are a full service investment banking organization able to complete transactions at all levels regardless of complexity or size. The group is free of potential conflict of interest, internal politics and a geographical barrier, which allows them to keep focused on customers and the assigned tasks. Their team members have given their advice on over 200 chemical and other M&A related transactions. Because the industry is global and the transactions happen all over the word from North America to Europe to Asia, they have offices in various parts of the world. Having specialists in London, Shanghai and New York allows clients to receive optimal advice from specialists in their area. Acting as a cohesive team, all staff members participate in every transaction, using their collective experience for the benefit of their clients. Also, each office houses senior experts in chemicals, materials and their related sectors to lend their additional expertise.

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