Monday, November 24, 2014

I Am A Tree

I am a tree
Always moving
In the direction
Of the world all around me

When the wind blows
My branches are pulled
This way or that
I have no control of my base

When it rains
I hunger and reach for the water
To sustain my life
And help me to grow

When the sun shines
I am pulled toward it
Seeking it, Wanting it
Needing its life to sustain me

When the storms come
I am pushed and pulled
My branches break
My leaves wither and fall to the ground
I am a broken mess of my own existence...

Lord, I am your tree
Rain down on me
Fill me with your wisdom
Your power and your love

Give me your sun
Shine your light on me
Give me purpose
Show me the way

Guide me
With your wind
Lead me in the direction
You have prepared for me

When the storms come
Give me your strength Lord
Protect my leaves
Protect my branches
Protect my soul

Lord, I am your tree!

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