Monday, May 6, 2013

Week One With Revolt

 The Good-The exercise is somewhat easy for me, just because I am used to exercise. However, I am almost 49, so I have pain before and after exercise all of the time. This is just part of growing older. The best part of Revolt, it the diet. I am most interested in living a healthy diet for the rest of my life. I want to follow this diet and then continue eating a healthy diet. Another great part of Revolt is Facebook. I love to pay attention to what everybody else is going through. This means you are not alone and you have support when you need it.

The Bad-My children got sick on the first day we started this program. My daughter stayed home on Monday, the school called me to pick my son up on Monday. My son stayed home on Tuesday and was sent home again on Friday. We actually had to take him to the hospital yesterday for sever stomach pains. The outcome was the stomach flu stopped his system up and he was unable to go number 2. They prescribed medicines and he is home again today. They want to make sure my son is home when the medicine kicks in and he is able to go to the bathroom correctly again.

I lost two pounds the first week. I am at 203 pounds, thirteen pounds away from my goal. As a middle-aged man, I realize how tough it is too lose weight at my age. My doctor told me I am in great shape and losing weight would be impossible. Through this program, I will prove him wrong. I hope everybody had a successful week and here's to another great week...

My plan was no pizza and Diet Pepsi for the week. I ate one pizza on thin crust and really cut back on my Diet Pepsi intake.

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